Student's Projects

An integral part of the MBA, summer projects are designed to provide students an opportunity to put their learning into practice. Our studious students are fascinated in undertaking modern day management issues as their project work and tries to give recommendations to the problems based on their study. Some of the General projects undertaken by our students:

Year Name of the Student Title of the project
2018-19 R.Aishwariya & P.Priyanka
A Study on Problems Faced by Farmers in Production of Agriculture Crops in Virudhunagar,
Madurai and Tirunelvali (DIS)
2018-19 M.Aruna
Retailers and Consumer Perception towards Pathanjali Products in Virudhunagar
2018-19 N.Naveena & P.Sabrishwari
A Study on Determinants of US Dollar – India Rupee Exchange Rate
2018-19 P.Prabha & R.Vidhya
A Study on Determinants of US Dollar – India Rupee Exchange Rate
Brand Preference and Consumer Attitudes towards Two wheeler among Women in Virudhunagar
2018-19 R.MuniChitraDevi
Comparative Study of Non Performing Assets with Respect to Public and Private Sectors Banks in India
2018-19 P.S.Vijaya Lakshmi
Underpricing of IPO and their Short term and Long term Performance
2017-18 A.Madhumitha
A DEA approach to Efficiency Analysis of medium sized Banks
2017-18 K.Nethiya
An Analysis on Profitability of Indian FMCG Banks
2017-18 M.S.Priyanka
Buyback of shares in India and Impact: An Event Study analysis
2017-18 N.Ponpreetha
Liquidity, Liquidity risk and their impact on profitability of Indian banks – A Panel analysis
2017-18 S.Shreenithi
A study on Customer Satisfaction and Performance towards Reliance Jio in Virudhunagar
2017-18 M.Sakthipriya
A Study on Investor perception towards Mutual Funds
2017-18 B.Meen Monica
A Study on Investor perception towards Share Market
2016-17 R.Sangeeth &
Consumer perception towards Social Media Marketing
2016-17 R.Shanmuga Priya An investigation of pricing & performance of IPO in India
2016-17 M.Jeevitha Impact of dividend announcement on share price among top 25 BSE listed company
2016-17 S.Cindhana &
C.Anantha Priya
Consumer Perception & Preference towards Smart phone
2015-16 R.Visalatchi &
Customers perception towards Online Shopping in Virudhunagar
2015-16 R.MuthuPriya &
M.Uma Maheshwari
Celebrity endorsement on buying behavior in Virudhunagar
2015-16 T.Sivaranjani &
Technical Analysis on selected stocks of FMCG Sector
2015-16 K.Narmadha &
Performance evaluation of Mutual Fund
2015-16 J.Mareewari Rural Customers Perception towards FMCG Marketing
2015-16 H.Jain Sophi Keziah Firm specific determinants of share price
2015-16 K.Sudhamathi Interpersonal relationship on job performance among faculty members of Arts & Science College
2015-2016 P.Jananee Kanagathara Assessment of corporate governance variable & its impact on profitability
2014-15 K.R.Suruthi An appraisal of Indian Cement Industry - On the basis of Financial Performance
2014-15 M.Sivaranjini Determinants of share prices in Indian Listed Service Sector Companies - An Empirical
2014-15 P.Sheela Priya A study on Work life Balance among Women Teachers with special reference
to Aruppukottai
2014-15 S.Chinnathai &
Youth Entrepreneurs - The Torch Bearer of Future India
2014-15 C.Arul mani &
A Study on Emotional Intelligence and Job satisfaction of Employees in Banking Sector,
2014-15 M.Manjula &
A Study on Assessing Customer Satisfaction through Service Quality of Policy Holder
of Life Insurance Industry
2014-15 R.Kalieswari A Comparative study on Non - Performing Assets of Public and Private Sector Banks
2014-15 M.Karthigaiselvi A Study on CAMEL Model Analysis of Public and Private Sector Banks
2014-15 P.Gayathri A Study on Financial performance on Life Insurance Industry in India
2013-14 P.Kiruthika A Study on Co integration of Indian Stock market with developed and emerging economics.
2013-14 C.Jeyanthi Rani Fundamental Factors Influencing Investment in Mutual Funds - Birla Sun life Mutual fund
2013-14 C.Dharshanaa A Study on Inter - Relationship between FII &
Indian Stock Market and impact created by selected variables
2012-13 T.Kaleeswari Understanding Organization Citizenship Behavior among Higher Education teachers,
the relationship between Employee Engagement and Job satisfaction
2012-13 S.Ramakani &
M. Shyamala Gowri
Customer's and Retailers Attitude towards FDI in Multi Brand retailing
2010-11 R.Kavitha &
A Study on Nadar Community and their Social Responsibility