Students Activity


"Tell me I will forget
Show me I may remember
Involve me I will understand"

A Chinese Proverb

With the motive of fostering Activity-based learning, the students of Management Studies are involved in various activities regularly. The following activities are the few that help them in connecting classrooms to the career.

  • Analysis of Industries, Companies, Personalities, Products, Advertisements & Brands
  • Analysis of Business Issues & articles in Business Magazines
  • Business Quiz
  • Product Launch
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Group Discussion
  • Role Playing of Business Concepts
  • Debate


The final year MBA students are organized as clubs based on their area of specialization. There are clubs for Marketing, Finance and Human Resource. The club activities enable them to acquire real time management knowledge and provides an prospect to apply their management education to analyse the contemporary issues of business

Monetrix (Finance)

Monetrix is a finance club dedicated to help its members prepare for jobs in the finance and banking sector. The club brings together the talented minds hunting interests in the world of finance. The students of the club analyse budgetary policy, share market trends and topics in personal finance. It acts as a forum for exchange of ideas in the current and emerging areas of finance.

AIDA Mob (Marketing)

AIDA Mob, the Marketing Club is formed with the purpose of supplementing class room learning with practical experience in marketing. It is the testing and learning ground for all the marketing enthusiasts. The students are involved in activities like Product launch, Ad Analysis, Brand analysis and selling games.

Human Expert Masters (HR)

Human Expert Masters (HEM) emphasizes on matters on Human Resource management and Organization Behaviour. The students make interactive presentations and case studies in modern-day HR issues & practices and share it with the entire student body. Apart from this the club also handles activities like Team Building management games and Personality Analysis. The students also perform Role plays on various HR concepts.